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About the Metropolitan Courthouse
The Metropolitan Courthouse is located at 1945 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007. There are 16 courtrooms in the Metropolitan Courthouse. The Metropolitan Courthouse hears criminal cases prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. The Metropolitan Courthouse is responsible for a high volume of DUI and Traffic tickets from the surrounding cities.

Do You Have a Criminal Case Against You in the Metropolitan Courthouse?
If you have received a notice to appear or have a warrant for your arrest in the Metropolitan Courthouse of Los Angeles County you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you.

Metropolitan Courthouse Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Monroe has defended clients charged with criminal misdemeanor and felony cases throughout Los Angeles. She will meet with you to discuss the case against you, your defenses, your background, and how she can help you get the results you are looking for in your Metropolitan Courthouse Criminal case. Below are just a few examples of how Jennifer Monroe has helped her clients facing criminal charges in the Metropolitan Courthouse get their cases dismissed and reduced.

Metropolitan Courthouse Case Results

Driving Under the Influence California Vehicle Code 23152 in Metropolitan Courthouse
Client was stopped for using her cell phone, which she denied because she was using the maps feature and not talking or texting. The officer smelled alcohol on her breath and conducted a DUI investigation. The Client submitted to a preliminary breath test (PBT) that resulted in in a .11/.10. About an hour later the client submitted to a breathalyzer which resulted in a .08/.09. Metropolitan Criminal Defense attorney Jennifer Monroe subpoenaed the client’s cell phone records which proved she was not using the cell phone in a prohibited manner.

Jennifer Monroe advised the Los Angeles City Attorney that she was going to run a 1538.5 motion to dismiss due to the unlawful stop. To avoid possibility losing the case the prosecutor reduced the charge to a speed contest, reduced the probation from 3 years to 2 years, and only required a fine. Client avoided the DUI conviction and Jennifer Monroe also won the DMV hearing so the client was never even required to attend alcohol classes and never incurred a suspended license.

Client was charged with a DUI after nearly hitting the center divider, speeding, weaving, poor performance on the FST’s, and blew a .13. Wet Reckless reductions are rare with a .13 BAC in Los Angeles County DUI courts. However, Jennifer Monroe prepared a defense that explained each negative fact for the defense. The defense included mechanical defects to her vehicle, physical impairment to explain the performance on the FST’s, and a recent medical surgery that caused her blood alcohol level to be off by at least .03. After Jennifer Monroe presented the defense case to the prosecution, the case was reduced to a Wet Reckless, the client paid a reduced fine, and stayed out of jail.

Client was facing a one year license suspension because he refused to take a breath or blood chemical test when he was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Monroe successfully convinced the prosecutor at the Metropolitan Courthouse to strike the refusal allegation which allowed the client to avoid mandatory jail time as well as the refusal conviction. Jennifer Monroe also won the DMV hearing so the client completely avoided the one year license suspension.

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