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About the Airport Courthouse
The Airport Courthouse is located at: 11701 S. La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA 90045. There are 14 courtrooms in the Airport Courthouse that handle only misdemeanor and felony cases prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the local City Attorney’s Offices including Los Angeles and Santa Monica, and some smaller cities such as Culver City. Traffic cases from the surrounding areas are sent to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Metropolitan Courthouse.

Do You Have a Criminal Case Against You in the Airport Courthouse?
If you have received a notice to appear or have a warrant for your arrest in the Airport Courthouse of Los Angeles County you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Monroe has defended clients charged with criminal misdemeanor and felony cases in the Airport Courthouse. Jennifer Monroe will meet with you to discuss the case against you, your defenses, your background, and how she can help you get the results you are looking for in your Airport Criminal case. Below are just a few example of how Jennifer Monroe has helped her clients facing criminal charges in the Airport Courthouse get their cases dismissed and reduced.

Airport Courthouse Case Results

POSSESSION OF A DEADLY WEAPON AT THE AIRPORT California Penal Code 12020 pc and 171.5 pc in Airport Courthouse
Client was facing felony and misdemeanor criminal liability for possessing knives in his backpack when he went through the security check point at the airport. Jennifer Monroe represented the client at an Office Hearing. Jennifer Monroe convinced the City Attorney that the client had forgot that the knives were in the backpack and did not intend to bring them into the sterile area of the airport. The City Attorney then rejected the case and no charges were filed.

VIOLATION OF RESTRAINING ORDERS California Penal Code 166 pc in Airport Courthouse
Jennifer Monroe successfully conducted the office hearing for her client charged with violating a court issued restraining order. After the hearing the City Attorney declined to file charges.

Same client was accused about 1 year later and Jennifer Monroe was able to negotiate another office hearing and charges were never filed.

BATTERY California Penal Code 242 pc
CHARGES REDUCED – Airport court, Los Angeles County
Client was involved in a fight on school grounds and facing a battery charge. Attorney Jennifer Monroe convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charge from battery to fighting in public, a less serious offense, and he received a light sentence.

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