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How to Avoid An Arrest and Charges Being Filed in Court

Not every crime has to result in filing of criminal charges. Attorney Jennifer Monroe has over 15 years experience in criminal law and understands that in certain cases, when exonerating or mitigating evidence is submitted to the police and prosecution early on before the filing decision is made, there is a chance that charges will not be filed.

Pre-filing investigations are successful in several types of cases. However, there is a very short window of opportunity to conduct an effective pre-filing investigation. Contact Us now to see how Jennifer Monroe can help you avoid being arrested and charged with a crime.
Following are just a few examples of how Los Angeles and Ventura County Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Monroe has helped her clients avoid being arrested and avoid charges being filed against them.

ASSUALT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON California Penal Code 245 pc
Client was wanted by the police for assault with a deadly weapon. Attorney Jennifer Monroe was retained before the police found the client and immediately initiated a defense investigation. During the investigation Jennifer Monroe obtained the statement of a key eye witness and presented the defenses to the detective. When the police did try and arrest the client, Jennifer Monroe contacted the detective and had the client released immediately, before he was ever taken to the station for booking. Thereafter, the District Attorney and City Attorney dropped charges based on the defense investigation.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE California Penal Code 273.5 pc
CHARGES DROPPED – Simi Valley, Ventura County Superior Court
Client’s soon to be ex-wife claimed he choked her and took her cell phone. Client was facing felony domestic violence corporal injury charges and misdemeanor theft charges. Client retained Attorney Jennifer Monroe as soon as he bonded out from jail. Jennifer Monroe immediately started a pre-filing investigation and built up a case against the ex-wife that questioned her credibility. After review of the defense investigation, the prosecutor agreed with Jennifer Monroe’s investigation and dropped the domestic violence charges.

GRAND THEFT EMBEZZLEMENT California Penal Code 487 pc
Client was accused of using the company credit card for her own personal use. The police were seeking to interview the client. The client hired me and I reviewed the evidence against her. I did not allow them to interview her and without admissions by her they could not make a case and the felony embezzlement charges were never filed.

Client was accused of stealing cash from her employer’s business. The employer wanted her to come in for a meeting to discuss the theft. I was hired before the meeting and was able to negotiate a settlement with the employer. Police were never involved and charges were never filed.

HIT AND RUN California Vehicle Code section 20001 vc, 20002 vc
Los Angeles and Ventura County:
Jennifer Monroe has assisted several clients avoid arrest and prosecution for hit and run when they retain her before they submit to police questioning. Once the client retains counsel, the police are not allowed to question the client without the attorney being present. Often the goal in hit and run cases is that the victim be made whole again. Jennifer Monroe works with the police and the victim to ensure the client or the client’s insurance pays for the damage and protects the client from arrest and prosecution.

Client was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm. Attorney Jennifer Monroe was retained before the case was sent to the District Attorney for filing of charges. Jennifer Monroe presented defenses to the detective and the District Attorney dropped the charges.

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