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What is a bail bond?
A bail bond is purchased in order to get someone out of police custody. Bail bonds cost about 10% of the total bond amount. For example a $20,000 bail will cost you $2,000 to bail someone out of jail. The purpose of the bail bond is to secure the person’s presence at the next court date. If the person fails to appear in court then the bond could come due and who ever posted the bond will be responsible to pay the balance of the bond.

My loved one has been arrested what do I do?
If your loved one has been arrested the first thing that comes to mind is do I bail him or her out? That is a very personal decision that will depend on your financial situation.

How much is the bail?
The amount of bail is located on the booking information page. The booking information page can be found via the Inmate Locator links.
Or to determine the amount of bail based on the charges go to:

            Los Angeles County Felony and Misdemeanor Bail Schedules

            Ventura County Fee and Bail Schedule

How can an attorney help with bail?

An experienced attorney can make a motion to reduce bail or have your loved one released on their own recognizes also known as OR or released on their promise to appear. An attorney can also assess the case and estimate how long the case should take to resolve to give you a better understanding of how long your loved one will stay in jail if you do not post bail.

Attorney Jennifer Monroe does not pressure anyone to post bail and will meet with you to discuss your options. If you do choose to post bail for your loved one, most bondsmen Jennifer Monroe has worked with will reduce the bond fee to 8% if you have retained an attorney because it shows that you are invested in the case and more likely to appear for court because you hired an attorney.

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