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Caught Driving Without A License or on A Suspended License?

Attorney Jennifer Monroe has over 15 years experience handling license offenses in criminal courts. And over 6 years of assisting clients with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) get their license to drive back. She specializes in the defense of persons charged with driving offenses, including suspended licenses throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

Driving Without a License / Driving on a Suspended License – California Penal Code 12500 vc, 14601 vc
Driving without a valid license and driving on a suspected license are misdemeanors. First time offenders face up to 6 months in jail and heavy fines. Second offenders who drive on a suspended license face up to a year in jail and larger fines. Driving on a suspended license also causes points on your driving record.

How to defend your driving case
You may be eligible for a dismissal, reduction to an infraction, fine only, or jail alternative. Jennifer Monroe will meet with you to review your case and your background. She will also:

  • Help you get your license back.
  • Fight to protect your rights.
  • Research the defenses that apply to your case.
  • Review the facts with you to determine if a lesser charge is appropriate. 
  • Present mitigating factors about you and your case to the judge and prosecutor.
  • Negotiate the best possible result for your case.

How Can I be Charged with Driving on a Suspended License when I don’t have a License?
This is a very common question. Driving on a Suspended License really means driving when your privilege to drive is suspended regardless of whether you ever had a CA driver’s license.

How Did My License Get Suspended?
There are many ways that the DMV can suspended driver’s licenses including, but not limited to:
30 days after an arrest for a DUI
Court Conviction for a DUI CA Vehicle Code 23152 vc, 23153 vc
Court Conviction for Vandalism CA Penal Code 594 pc
Failure to Appear on a traffic citation
Failure to Appear for criminal court date
Failure to Pay a traffic ticket
Failure to Pay Child Support
Minor (Under 21 years of age) in possession of alcohol
Minor (Under 21 years of age) driving with .01 BAC or higher
Negligent Operator Points – Too Many Points results in a suspension based on the guidelines below:

Point Count

Time Period


Within 12 months


Within 24 months


Within 36 months

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