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California Penal Code 1203.2 pc

Attorney Jennifer Monroe has over 15 years experience handling probation violations in criminal courts. She specializes in the defense of persons charged with probation violations throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

What is a Probation Violations?
If you are on probation and failed to complete a condition of probation (i.e. a alcohol class, drug program, counseling program, missed a court date, or failed to pay you fine), or committed a new offense, then you are in violation of your probation.

What do I do if I have a Probation Violation?

There could be a warrant out for your arrest.

Probation violations warrants are issued by the court if you:

  • Failed to appear at a court appearance.
  • Failed to enroll in your program.
  • Dropped out or were kicked out of your program (the programs inform the court).
  • Failed to comply with a term and condition of probation
  • Or at the request of the prosecutor for committing a new offense. 

These warrants are issued without any notice to you.

If there is a warrant out for your arrest you can be arrested at any time by police officer and taken to jail.

If you think you may have probation violation and a warrant out for your arrest, contact Jennifer Monroe immediately, she will find your warrant for you. She can also walk you into court on your warrant and fight to keep you out of jail, and save you the inconvenience and embarrassment of being dragged into court in handcuffs by the Sheriff.

What is the punishment for a Probation Violation?
At the time of your plea to the underlying case you should have been told the minimum and maximum penalty for the charge you plead to. The court can sentence you up to the maximum penalty for an internal violation of failing to comply with your specific terms and conditions of probation, plus additional jail time if you committed a new offense.

For example if you are on misdemeanor probation for petty theft and fail to surrender for jail, the court can sentence you up to 6 months in jail (the maximum penalty) for failing to comply. If you also committed a new offense the court can add additional jail time for the new offense.

How to Defend a Probation Violation:
Not all probation violations are serious enough to warrant the maximum penalty. Probation Violation Defense Attorney Jennifer Monroe knows that the court’s main goal is compliance with probation and assurance you will not continue to violation probation or reoffend.

You have a right to a probation violation hearing before the judge where the prosecutor must prove by a preponderance of evidence (51% or more likely to have occurred) that you violated your probation. An experienced criminal defense attorney can attack the evidence against you and present mitigating evidence in your favor in order to get your probation violation dismissed or reduce your punishment.

To defend your probation violation, Jennifer Monroe will meet with you to review your case and your background. She will also work with you to pin point the conduct that caused the probation violation. She will assess whether the alleged conduct is something that is a violation of your probation, if it is a violation, help you come into compliance before we go to court if possible. Jennifer Monroe will also negotiate with the prosecutor and court to resolve the probation violation with the least penalty to you, for example, you may be eligible for a dismissal of the violation, a jail alternative, and reinstatement of your probation without further penalty. Jennifer Monroe will also:

  • Fight to protect your rights.
  • Research the defenses that apply to your violation of probation.
  • Initiate investigation to prove you are innocent.
  • Review the facts with you to determine if a violation occurred. 
  • Present mitigating factors about you and your case to the judge and prosecutor.
  • Negotiate the best possible result for your probation violation.

Contact Jennifer Monroe to see how she can help get your probation violation dismissed or reduce your punishment.

Common Probation Violations that Result in Warrants for your Arrest:
Probation Violation Defense attorney has experience resolving the following probation violations:

Failure to Comply with a court order or specific term of your probation
Failure to Remand for Jail time
Failure to Complete Community Service, Community Labor, or Work Release
Failure to Enroll, Complete, or Dropped from your Alcohol (DUI) Classes
Failure to Enroll, Complete, or Dropped from your Domestic Violence (Batterers) Classes
Failure to Enroll, Complete, or Dropped from your Anger Management Classes
Failure to Pay a Fine, Fees, or Restitution
Failure to Appear for Court
Failure to Obey all law (arrested or charged with a new offense)
Violation of a restraining order

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