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Attorney Jennifer Monroe has over 15 years experience handling bench warrants and failures to appear.

Why was a Bench Warrant Issued for My Arrest?

There are many ways for a warrant to be issued for your arrest. For example, if charges are filed against you in criminal court and the prosecutor decides to request a warrant instead of mailing you a notice to appear. Or if you fail to appear at a court date, then the judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. A warrant for your arrest can also be issued if you violate your probation. You can be arrested on a warrant at your home, office, during a traffic stop, or while walking down the street.

Warning: You can be arrested on a warrant at anytime if contacted by law enforcement

Not sure if there is a warrant for your arrest?

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How do I take care of a Warrant?

If you have failed to appear for your criminal case in Los Angeles or Ventura the prosecutor and judge can add on additional penalties and charges to your case. It is important to resolve your failure to appear warrant sooner than later. The longer you delay without excuse can cause severe penalties. Jennifer Monroe can help you get your warrant recalled by the court. If it is a misdemeanor warrant you do not need to appear if you hire an attorney to defend you. You have to appear on a felony warrant and have a high risk of being placed in custody. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you stay out of jail. Contact Jennifer Monroe to see how she can help you.

Additional Charges for Failing to Appear include the following:
Failure to Appear California Penal Code 853.7, 853.8

California Penal Code 853.7 is a misdemeanor charge that can be added on to your underlying case for willfully violating your written promise to appear or a lawfully granted continuance of your promise to appear in court regardless of the disposition of the charge upon which you were originally arrested.

Failure to appear in violation of Penal Code 853.7 is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine in addition to the penalties for the underlying charge.

California Penal Code 853.8 authorizes the court to issue a warrant for your arrest when you fail to appear.

You may be eligible for a dismissal, reduced charge, or jail alternative. Jennifer Monroe will meet with you to review your case and your background. She will also:

  • Fight to protect your rights.
  • Research the defenses that apply to your case.
  • Initiate investigation to prove you are innocent.
  • Review the facts with you to determine if a lesser charge is appropriate. 
  • Present mitigating factors about you and your case to the judge and prosecutor.
  • Negotiate the best possible result for your case.

Some examples of how Jennifer Monroe helped clients facing bench warrants:
Van Nuys: Felony No Bail Warrant recalled. Client hired Jennifer Monroe after he missed his court date. Jennifer Monroe fought to keep her client out of jail and he client was allowed to remain out of custody with a bond reinstatement.
Lancaster: $35,000 Bench Warrant recalled and Jennifer Monroe convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case. Client did not spend any time in custody.

Ventura: Bench Warrant for failure to appear for a violation of probation in Prop 36 court. Client also had a dirty test. Jennifer Monroe kept the client out of jail and got the client reinstated into Prop 36.

Burbank: 5 year old bench warrant out of Burbank for a DUI. Client stayed out of jail.

Glendale: Client moved back to the US and had 5 year old bench warrant for a DUI. The district attorney in court wanted to penalize the client for the failure to appear and not reduce the charges. Jennifer Monroe had the case reviewed with the supervising district attorney and was able to get the failure to appear dropped and the DUI reduced to a wet reckless.

Santa Clarita: Client lived out of state and received a DUI while vacationing here. Over six years later he contacted Jennifer Monroe to handle the case that was out to warrant. The judge was upset by the failure to appear when he called the case. But Jennifer Monroe had already negotiated no further penalty with the prosecutor and was able to keep the client out of jail.

Ventura: Client was out to warrant for 5 years for violation of probation for failing to do his jail time and alcohol school on a DUI case. Bench Warrant Attorney Jennifer Monroe presented medical evidence to explain the reason for the failure to comply and no additional penalty was added to the case.

See Results for more examples of how Jennifer Monroe has helped defend her clients.

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